Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

·         Problem Definition -Why Security?

·         Essential Terminologies

·         Elements of Security

·         The Security, Functionality and Ease of Use Triangle

·         Case Study

·         What does a Malicious Hacker do?

Hacking Laws

·         What are the cyber security laws in India?

·         IT ACT 2000

·         Case Study


·         Revisiting Reconnaissance

·         Defining Footprinting

·         Why Footprinting is necessary?

·         Areas and Information which Attackers Seek

·         Information Gathering Methodology

Google Hacking

·         What is Google Hacking?

·         What a hacker can do with vulnerable site?

·         Anonymity with Caches

·         Using Google as a Proxy Server 

·         Directory Listing

o   Locating Directory Listing

o   Finding Specific Directories

o   Finding Specific Files

o   Server Visioning


·         Definition

·         Types of Scanning

·         Objectives of Scanning

·         CEH Scanning Methodology


·         Overview of System hacking Cycle

·         What is Enumeration?

·         Techniques of Enumeration

·         NetBIOS Null Session

System Hacking

·         Cracking Password

·         CEH Hacking Cycle

·         Password Types

·         Types of Password Attack

·         Passive Online Attack- Wire Sniffing

·         Passive Online Attack- Man in the middle and reply attacks

Trojans and Backdoors

·         What is Trojans?

·         Overt and Covert Channels

·         Working of Trojans

·         Different Types of Trojans

·         Remote Access Trojans

·         Data Sending Trojans

·         Destructive Trojans

·         DOS Attack Trojans

·         Proxy Trojans

·         FTP Trojans

·         Security Software Disablers

·         What do Trojans Creator Look for? 

·         Different ways a Trojans can get into the system

·         Indication of Trojan Attacks

·         Port use by the Trojans

Virus and Worms

·         What is Virus?

·         Characteristics of Virus

·         Working with Virus

·         Infection Phase

·         Attack Phase

·         Why People create Virus?

·         Symptoms of Virus like attack

·         Virus Hoaxes

·         Chain Letters

·         How is a Worm different from a Virus?

·         Indication of Virus

·         Hardware Threats

·         Software Threats

·         Virus Damage

·         Mode of Virus Infection

·         Stages of Virus Life

·         Virus Classification

·         How does a virus attack?

·         Storage patterns of Virus


·         Sniffing

·         Protocols Vulnerable to Sniffing

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