Vocational Education & Training

Vocational Education & Training

Vocational education and training in India is a highly fragmented and complex system which one can divide into four main areas where it takes place:

a) High schools

b) 3 or 4-year colleges

c) Internship

d) On Job Training

In all of these areas one can find different forms of vocational education regarding the learning situation, specialization and organization.

Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd. works in every area of Development with their skill Training Program. With the well experienced Technical Team we provide an overall development to an individual.

High School Vocational Training Program:

High School Skill Training Program we have been collaborated with NIIT to enhance the IT Knowledge of individual student with different software including IT Wizard+ etc.
Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd. also works in the field of Robotics Skill Training Program under which we provide students of HIGH SCHOOL a well maintained environment for understanding the basics of Robotics.


Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd.  provide different internship program under which we give them the basic on job training program which comprises of Corporate Training skills ,Soft Skills & Technical Skills.

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