” Embedded Systems is the combination of Hardware and Software to perform a particular task

So at Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd Jaipur Raj we designed our course module as per the understanding of Embedded Systems Definition. We provide training on different advanced microcontrollers and environments.

Embedded System is becoming the new requirement of today’s tech world. We provide these training programs as per the requirement of the new era. Students who belong to the technical background, ITI, Engineering, or Diploma.

Embedded System consists of Electronics Components and Microcontrollers. So we use to teach students about different Applications. Project Designing is a keen part of learning this technology. So we design the course module in such a way that every learning activity leads to Project Designing.

Our course module is updated with the latest Microcontrollers technology like AVR, MSP430, ARM, etc. Each has its own field and utilization. We call our learning methods as Project Learning Method. By which students can interact with more and more new technological stuff, ultimately leads to better learning.

We start our training program with Basic Electronics and then move towards some complex circuits and also includes Open source technology such as Arduino.

The below tabs will provide you the expanded course modules provided by us: