IoT a technology that defines the new era

The word ‘Internet of Things ‘ (IoT) solutions proved itself the working. IoT connects the devices, helps in managing tasks, analyzing opportunities, and transferring information in a secure tradition. The aim behind the IoT solutions is to create an ecosystem that combines various digital components to develop a seamless communication path between devices and people with the help of the Internet. Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd Jaipur Rajasthan is providing services for IoT solutions.

With more than 1500+ Devices Online we are the highest Service Provider in the field of IoT in Rajasthan.

Our R&D Team is on a continuous journey for developing a new IoT Solution. We provide solutions for the following applications:

  • Pollution Control & Monitoring.
  • Smart City.
  • Home Automation.
  • Waste Management.
  • Smart Energy.
  • Smart Street Light Management.
  • Smart Parking.
  • Machine Management
    • Production Count
    • On-Time Off Time Machine
    • Other Parameters(Sensor Data, Peripheral Data, etc.)

IoT Architecture

Iot Architecture by Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd

Benefits of Using IoT Solutions in Industries

  • 24*7 Monitoring of Machines and other applications.
  • Help in minimizing the downtime in factories.
  • Production Enhancement.
  • History Data stored.
IoT Solutions


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At Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd we believe in quality service and solutions. With this in mind, we are into the fabrication and development of Iot based Systems. We have a separate division for designing and developing Iot Devices.