PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller  and as the name suggests PLC is a controller that can be programmed with the help of different software. We at Vision World Tech Pvt. Ltd. provides one-stop solutions for all your Automation needs. When we say Automation then PLC plays a very keen role to design a whole Machine Automation System. So for designing the Automation System, PLC Programming is a must-have solution.


What Vision World Tech can Provide?

Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd provides all types of Programming Solutions to Industries. With the team of advanced engineers, we provide programming solutions for Delta PLC, Siemens PLC, Allen Bradley PLC, Fatek PLC.

We are working in this sector since 2011. Since then we have successfully designed more than 2000+ PLC-based Automation Systems.

Different Solutions provided by us based on PLC are:

  1. PLC Based Industrial Panel
  2. PLC Program Desgn and Commissioning
  3. PLC Data Logging.
  4. Re-Programming of Existing PLC System. 

The most Popular PLC Brands are:


Each brand has its own pros and cons. Especially in INDIA, these brands have their own area of expertise. Like some are very good with heavy-duty works and some are very popular with Water applications. We at Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd provides solutions for all kinds of Application based on PLC Programming.

PLC versatile programming solutions leads its use in different sectors.

The most Popular PLC Sectors are:

  •  Power Sector
  •  Manufacturing Industries
  •  Water Treatment Plants(WTP)/ Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)
  •  Packaging Industries 
  •  Construction Industries

&many more…..